A Few Words About Pilar

Pilar Montaño, Artist

Pilar Montaño, Artist

“One of the world’s most exciting artists!”

This is how a long-term patron of the arts recently described Pilar Montaño.

He wasn’t alone! From European art dealers to Mexican school children, Pilar Montaño has for years been enthusiastically eliciting descriptive words like “Bold!”, “Enthusiastic!”, and “Innovative!”

Purposely controversial, Pilar’s aggressively “In Your Face” use of colors has always been more Frida Kahlo than Giorgio Morandi.

Her early instructors begged her to tone down her attitude. They asked her to keep her insights into the world around her to conversation and off the canvas. Pilar was having none of it.

Rather, she set out from day one to show those who tried to teach her, raise her, and live with her that they were the ones who needed to learn. She taught herself from books, from time spent with her maternal grandparents, and from a series of short-lived careers.

And at every step she learned that surrounding herself with fine art was the only environment where she would ever thrive.

Much to her family’s chagrin, at 31 Pilar determined to dedicate herself exclusively to painting. To her inborn and innovative rebelliousness Pilar added a layer of talent reminiscent of Van Gogh to create a painting style rarely seen in today’s art world.

“Colors need to be present to convey passion, pain, and love,” she says, adding “real life as it’s meant to be lived cannot be demonstrated with muted colors. It must be brave, daring, passionate, and without apology!”

This woman’s single-minded obsession for the rush of life that most others can barely comprehend came from necessity. But for her determination to discover the creative outlets only available to the highest quality artist, the visions in her mind might have otherwise driven her mad.

Fortunately, she made the connection others sought to deny her, revealing connections to the ethereal that under other conditions might never have come to light.

Those around her are the true beneficiaries this journey, as the international art world now finds itself on fire with the zeal of the one true believer, Pilar Montaño.